Жить здесь означает жить в гостях у Малу (в отдельной комнате конечно). Терраса с видом на океан, горячий душ, питание и домашняя атмосфера – все это включено в стоимость проживания!

Домик студентов находится на заднем дворе дома Малу в Гарса Торта. Этот старый дом, ранее принадлежащий нескольким традиционным бразильским семьям, был перестроен и сейчас вмещает в себя шесть комфортабельных комнат для гостей. Окна всех комнат выходят в сад, создавая ощущение близости к природе. В верхней части дома размещается веранда с уютными гамаками и видом на океан. Уроки португальского проходят в библиотеке, где также находится небольшая кухня.

Завтрак и обед включены в цену проживания. На завтрак подается кофе, молоко, чай, хлеб, масло и джем. Если хочется чего-то особенного, можно прогуляться в один из ближайших магазинчиков или небольших рынков со свежими продуктами.

Обед представляет собой смесь бразильской и европейской кухни с ограниченным содержанием мяса. Ужин можно приготовить на общей кухне или посетить один из местных ресторанов.

Наши цены (одноместная комната):

1 ночь: 28,00 €

1 неделя: 170,00 €

1 месяц: 600,00 €

В цену включено проживание в одноместной комнате с отдельным санузлом с горячей водой (что не всегда имеет место в Бразилии), завтрак и обед, WiFi и атмосфера домашнего комфорта.

Курс Португальского (размер группы до 6-и человек):

Одна неделя (4 часа в день): 180,00 €

Один месяц (4 часа в день): 700,00 €

Мы предлагаем также индивидуальные занятия по 15,00 € в час.

Если у вас есть вопросы по нашим ценам, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами.

  • I really learned a lot in my time in Brazil, made amazing friends with which I shared a lot of unforgettable moments, had some bad days but definitely more of the good ones and in the end I think I can really say that I found a place where I feel at home and which I will always love to come back! Um abraço forte pra todos vocês e coragem pra as próximos voluntários! A vida e de boa na Alagoa, não se esqueçam disso,haha!:)
    Clara, Germany,
  • Thank you GoBrazil for the greatest opportunity of my life!
    Kate, France,
  • Today is my last day in Brazil and I am about to return to Germany where I am an intern in a small town called Herrnhut. I have been a Marketing Intern at gobrazil for the last 7 weeks and it has been a most fulfilling time for me. I re-discovered my enjoyment of marketing (which I haven't done for many years) and oftentimes worked overtime because I was having such a good time, and also re-kindled my love for football, for music, for the sea and for travelling as I love to study cultures. Malu's house has been an oasis for me. It's truly a house of peace and the people I have met in this house have been such a blessing to my life. In my many travels around the world I have found the Brazilian people to be so helpful and hospitable even though the majority do not speak English. I have felt at home in Brazil, especially in Garca Torta and in the company of all the friends I made through gobrazil. Whether you come to learn the language, experience the culture or fulfill your dream to be in Rio, I recommend a visit to the Alagoas region of Brazil. You may re-discover life here!
    Tristan, Zimbabwe,
  • I stayed two month at Malús home and all the time I felt welcome. She is so open minded, friendly, helpfull and she took me to so many places, partys and let me be a part of her life for the time. All the time she ask me to join her, when ...she´s going out to a concert or her friends and if you have a problem or you need something, she will take care. And she is a very good portuguese teacher! You can´t find another person you will feel as comfortable as at Malús lodge.
    Inga, Germany,
  • I had a great time in Maceió. Stayed about 4 months with Malú, who was the perfect host and cook (her lasagne is just delicious!!) . she knows how to teach portuguese and is always there for her students and guests. Actually, you dont feel like a guest - it feels much more like home!
  • I was having a problem to find anything in Maceio that was not very expensive so when I saw this on Malu's house here decided to give it a try. Location is in Garca Torta about 20 mins from Maceio . There are buses if you do not have a car and I was able to use them without problem. Better for me after renting a car. Malu was very helpful as were the people working here as well. There are beaches nearby that you can walk to. There is a private social club you can use with a big pool nearby for 10 dollars a day.The grounds here are well kept and lovely and the rooms are clean as well. No A/C but didn't miss it . No tv in the rooms but in a common area there is a great large screen tv with dvd and a collection of movies to watch. The two dogs are great as well/ A very pleasant surprise for me and I was very lucky to find this peaceful oasis near bustling Maceio.
    Alex (USA),
  • Community Participatory Workshop in Lagoa Azeda/Alagoinha - I was working for abuot 5 month (2010) as an intern with the NGO Instituto Naturagro (Maceió) in a project called" RESEX" (Reserva Extrativista) da Jequiá da Praia. I would discribe this as an integrated environmental protection as well as socioeconomic development project around a lake/river/sea area including 17 smaller villages and when implemented helping around 3000 people (through micro-credits, creation of cooperatives, however also resettlement to avoid destruction from looding, erosion etc). We worked together with the INCRA (Ministry of Agricultural Reform) as well as ICMbio (Instituto Chico Mendes de Conservação da Biodiversidade) which is part of the Brasilian Environmental Ministry (IBAMA). If you are interested to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  • Malú knows how to make a guest feel at home at the student lodge in Garca Torta. She is so openminded and loves to get to know you. My "Brazil Experience" in 2007 changed myself completely.I lost my heart in Brazil and hope I will be back soon, maybe even for longer!
  • I stayed about 6 months at the beautiful place of Garça Torta at Malús lodge. I had no idea, what would expect me there and what I found, was what I thought, that I would leave behind...a place, that felt like home, friends and somehow a piece of family. Malú did not only give me a place to sleep, but also made me part of her world. And she will always stay one of mine!
    Anke (Germany),
  • Malú was a great host and I really enjoyed my stay in Garca Torta! She even prepared vegetarian food for me!! The beach is super close and you find everything you need (bars, restaurants, shopping, etc.) in Maceio. I will definitely come back!!
    Dorothee (Germany),
  • Die 3 Monate in Maceió waren eine tolle Erfahrung! Der Unterricht bei Malú war sehr lebendig und lehrreich und ich habe viel über die Brasilianische Kultur erfahren und tolle Leute kennengelernt!
    Ich werde wiederkommen!