Unser Ziel ist es, Ausländern das echte brasilianische Leben mit Sprache und Kultur näher zu bringen. Unser Motto ist: Wir sind keine Schule, doch...

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I stayed about 6 months at the beautiful place of Garça Torta at Malús lodge. I had no idea, what would expect me there and what I found, was what I thought, that I would leave behind...a place, that felt like home, friends and somehow a piece of family. Malú did not only give me a place to sleep, but also made me part of her world. And she will always stay one of mine!

Anke, Germany

Malú knows how to make a guest feel at home at the student lodge in Garca Torta. She is so openminded and loves to get to know you. My "Brazil Experience" in 2007 changed myself completely.I lost my heart in Brazil and hope I will be back soon, maybe even for longer!


Community Participatory Workshop in Lagoa Azeda/Alagoinha - I was working for abuot 5 month (2010) as an intern with the NGO Instituto Naturagro (Maceió) in a project called" RESEX" (Reserva Extrativista) da Jequiá da Praia. I would discribe this as an integrated environmental protection as well as socioeconomic development project around a lake/river/sea area including 17 smaller villages and when implemented helping around 3000 people (through micro-credits, creation of cooperatives, however also resettlement to avoid destruction from looding, erosion etc). We worked together with the INCRA (Ministry of Agricultural Reform) as well as ICMbio (Instituto Chico Mendes de Conservação da Biodiversidade) which is part of the Brasilian Environmental Ministry (IBAMA). If you are interested to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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