Garça Torta

Garça Torta is a waterfront place that keeps some of the the charm of a fishermen´s village. With time it turned into a place where artists and cultural promoters choose to live. The village is quite simple with an urban style that is characteristic of the Brazil´s northeast, with old little farms, old houses and clumsy fishermen housing distributed around the main route. The waterfront is beautiful and still keeps a strip of sand with coconut trees, providing a nice space for walking and relaxing.

Early in the morning you can see the boats heading for the sea and in the afternoon they come back with some fishes. The fish market is an unique and clumsy place where you can find fresh regional fish which are not the ones you are used to. Sardines are the tastiest. You can talk to fishermen when they are building fishing nets in the afternoons.

The beach is just few minutes walking from the Beach Lodge. It is especially beautiful during the low tide. The water is calm and you can relax in one of the natural pools formed by the reefs. Also you can practice various sports – swimming, surfing, slackline, kayaking or just jog along the endless coast.

Garça Torta is a village with its own life. You will find little markets to buy some food and fresh fruits, but for drugstores, shoppings, cafes, cinemas and ATMs you must go to Maceio, that is not so far.

There are several interesting places to go out in the evening for a glass of caipirinha or to taste some local specialities. These special places worth a visit, and you must know the owners, for sure!

Don´t loose “Bar do Carlinhos”, a charming waterfront bar. Carlinhos, the owner, is very popular here. He and his wife Quiteria keep this place as something almost obligatory in the weekends. The beach is so beautiful and when the tide is calm and low (maré baixa) you can relax in the warm water for hours.
It is possible to try surfing (they can teach and have boards for rent), practice slackline, kayak or just sataying at the table, drinking something or tasting some specialites like “arroz de polvo” (octopus risotto), fried fish or “caldinho” (kind of soup). Sometimes there is live music, featuring local bands which play brazilian pop music, blues, jazz and of course samba.

Maithê is the owner of “Pastel de Quinta”, another place you must get to know. The bar counter is a good place for practicing Portuguese and you can make friends quickly there. Its speciality “pastel” is a kind of fried stuffed pastry, with Maithê´s touch, which turns it amazingly crispy. They are so tasty and famous that known even in Maceió, and people come the long way from the city to visit this place.

Maithê is a creative woman, the menu changes seasonally, and from time to time she likes to implement her cooking ideas by creating new culinary projects. She promotes as well handcraft expositions, flea market and some workshops.

“Ora pro Nobis” is also called “Bar do Régis”. Regis and Diego are the managers and the life of this place, located in Riacho Doce, a village next to Garça Torta. The bar´s decor remembers the state of Minas Gerais, from where Regis comes. The menu comes also from Minas Gerais, but with a northeastern touch. ”Pão de queijo” (kind of cheese muffin) and “pernil” (porc) are some specialities, besides their wood-fired oven pizza.

Pizzaria “Santorégano”, where Almir Ribeiro e Niyaty created a quite charming place, remembering an old northeastern farm, plenty of colours, serves delicious wood oven pizza and some Italian specialities.
From tuesday to Sunday there is live music featuring local bands, playing brazilian pop music, jazz, blues and rock. Frequently they create events and performances with local artists.