We are small international team and have the goal to promote intercultural exchange in Brazil. Together with our language school and beachlodge we are helping local NGOs by arranging international interns and volunteers.
We are doing everything possible to make the experience of our guests extraordinary. You will live here together with natives, work on interesting projects at local NGOs, develop contacts with colleagues and in that way learn the Brazilian culture deeper than any tourist.




Alexandre is a teacher of Portuguese. Apart from that he is also a teacher of English in several public schools in Alagoas. He also speaks Spanish and loves to sing Italian songs. His class specialty is music. He believes that singing in the foreign language helps to destroy the language barriers. Be ready to sing on and don´t be shy!

Otavio 2-2


Otávio is not just a teacher of Portuguese, but also a lawyer, book writer, psychologist and entrepreneur. His broad interests make him a master of good conversations as well. Be prepared – on his lessons you will speak a lot, in Portuguese of course!

Portuguese Teacher Katia


Portuguese teacher Kátia is humorous and lively person. She loves other languages and cultures so she will surprise you greeting you in your own language. Very quickly you will forget that she is a teacher – she will just become your friend with whom you will go out and learn Portuguese already “on the field”.



After a long working/learning day or exhausting surfing attempts you will definitely enjoy the Yoga session with Clarice. She will bring you back to yourself and let you reflect deeper about your Brazilian experiences. And you don´t even have to go far – the Yoga hall is just in the backyard of our house.



Deda and Cristina are our cooks and will provide you with wonderful local food. Marсus is the gardener and the “man-for-all”. They work hard to make your stay in Brazil as comfortable as possible. All of them are locals and speak only Portuguese. And if you want to practice they will be happy to have some “small talk” with you.