Iyengar Yoga in Brazil

Getting to know new country and language can be very overwhelming experience. The good way to cope with the informational and cultural load is to practice Yoga. Luckily we have Yoga lessons just on our premises.

We practice Iyengar Method of Yoga. Our teacher Clarice has vast experience of practicing different types of yoga and several years teaching experience of Iyengar Yoga.

Iyengar Method is a style of hatha yoga that involves detailed instruction , a focus on proper body alignment, and the use of props whenever necessary to perform asana correctly and safely.

You will join the group of local people, and the instructions are given only in Portuguese. So you can increase you human body vocabulary and practice your listening and understanding skills during the Yoga lessons as well.

Classes incorporate the use of props – i.e. blocks, blankets, bolsters, chairs, belts, etc. – which help with correct alignment and create a welcoming and safe environment that is appropriate for people of all ages, sizes, flexibility, and body types.

First weeks in new country our mind and the body are especially vulnerable under the stress of the different environment. Yoga helps to maintain the union of the body, mind, emotions, and intellect.
It facilitates the adaptation of the body to the new climate, relax the mind which receives and processes huge amount of information during the day – new language, new tasks and challenges, and finally helps to overcome emotional load – negative as well as positive. During the session one has the possibility to calm down and reflect deeply about the experiences of the day.

You can combine Yoga with Group Portuguese Course as well as with Individual Portuguese course.

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