Brazil with its vast Atlantic coastline is great surf destination. Almost in every coastline state you can surf. Alagoas is not an exception. And there is a good surf spot just in front of our house in Garça Torta, which is suitable for the advanced surfers as well as for the beginners.

Garca Torta´s spot is a reef break that has fairly consistent surf. Works best in offshore winds from the west northwest. However surfable as well in an onshore breeze. Most of the surf here comes from groundswells and the ideal swell angle is from the south. There are left and right breaking reefs. Best time to surf is around low tide. Unlikely to be too crowded, even on the best surfing days. No localism was noticed so far. Indeed everybody on the line up are very friendly and happy to chat with “gringo” while waiting for the waves. There are plenty of other surf spots in the proximity of Garça Torta. Among which Praia do Francês – the best surfing spot in Alagoas. So in the bad day you can explore other beautiful beaches around.

If you don´t have a surf board you can rent it directly on the beach as well as take surf lessons.

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