Our intensive Portuguese group course still permits individual approach since we carefully form the groups according to the level and profile of the students. Besides small group size (2-3 people) guarantee intensive learning. The goal of our Portuguese course is to enable students after 4 weeks of classes to communicate in Portuguese, make friends, talk to locals and reach the level sufficient to do an internship.

On the first day of course students receive the Portuguese textbook. The book consists of simple and well-structured chapters, which focus on daily life and also contain texts about Brazilian culture, history and geography. To enrich the lessons we also use films, videos and diverse Brazilian music. The book serves mainly as a guide, the lessons include a lot of speaking practice and conversations.

Majority of residents of our neighborhood Garça Torta are natives and don’t speak any other languages apart from Portuguese. However, they are very friendly and curious about “gringos” coming from far away. It means that you will have the possibility to dive deeply into the Portuguese language environment and intensify even more your learning experience. At the end of your stay you will not feel yourself “gringo” any more but the rightful member of the local community.

Course Details
  • 5 morning (9:00 - 12:30 ) sessions weekly
  • Course Material included
  • Small Groups (2-3 people)
  • Brazilian Coffee and Filtered Water provided
  • Letter of Acceptance (upon request)
  • 6 levels (A1 to C2) from Beginner to Advanced

Group Course Prices
1-3 Weeks: 900 R$ weekly
1 Month: 3.300 R$

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