How to learn Portuguese

1. Intensive Portuguese Course in Brazil
It is the best way to learn the language quickly – just come to the country where you will have plenty of native speakers to practice in everyday situations. There are a lot of Portuguese language schools for foreigners. Most of them located in the big cities – Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador. But there are some schools in smaller cities, which is a good option for those who want to get to know real Brazil. GoBrazil school is located in the district that was a fishermen village before and the place still keeps its authenticity. Moreover you don´t run the risk to find yourself in English speaking environment without being able to practice Portuguese.

2. Skype Portuguese Lessons
Portuguese on skype

There are plenty of offers in the internet. You can easily choose the teacher upon your taste – there is a photo of a teacher, his/her biography, audio or video demonstrating his way of teaching. The average price is 15 Euros per hour. Some teachers of our school also offer lessons via Skype. Such pre-course is a good option for those planning to come here to volunteer. You will get necessary vocabulary and grammar basics, which will let you concentrate just on conversational practice upon arrival. If you are interested in such a course please contact us, we definitely know how to learn Portuguese.


3. Portuguese Lessons Online
Websites for language learning are created for the people with strong motivation. There are plenty of them – gratuitous and not, with native speakers and without, assuming intuitive learning without tiring learning process.
Most popular learning resources: duolingo, Rosetta Stone, busuu

4. Read books in Portuguese
How to learn Portuguese - books

Reading is essential when learning foreign language. The book doesn´t have to be written by native author, it might be even easier in the beginning to read the book that you already have read in your own language. By learning Portuguese it is important to choose the corresponding Portuguese version – Portuguese from Brazil or from Portugal. There is one book which I always read the first when I start learning new language – The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It is written in simple words and easy to download in any language.

5. Watch videos and films
It is better to start to watch films in Portuguese with your language subtitles and then switch to Portuguese subtitles. You definitely need to watch the most famous Brazilian film “City of God”. If you want to get to know the culture of northeast of Brazil watch “Captains of the Sand” – about the life and adventures of a gang of abandoned street kids or “Gonzaga: From Father to Son” – The story of Brazilian popular singer Luiz Gonzaga and his son.
How to learn Portuguese - Capoeira

6. Join Capoeira group
Football is not the only sport Brazilians are famous for. National martial art “Capoeira” has spread around the world and is getting more and more popular. Music is essential part of capoeira and all practitioners have to learn corresponding songs in Portuguese. Capoeira events always have some Brazilians present – one more chance to practice the language.

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