You turn on the hot tap have hot water! You open the fridge and it is full of food. And you always have light at home when its dark. The bus comes on scheduled time, there is no street dogs, not to mention the rubbish. But still I miss the time when it all was different, and it was one of the best experiences in my life.

I have never been to the summer camp when I was a kid but I have worked as a volunteer at a summer camp for kids in Brazil. We were dancing with them, singing, playing ball games, making shell mosaic, doing yoga and capoeira, learning about sea animals, making own kites and paintng with them. It was two weeks of activities non-stop, full of smiles, laughing, excitement and “felicidade”. When I saw those 30 kids for the first time, they looked all the same to me, but on the third day I knew all their names. They can be really nasty and I sometimes were losing my patience, but everything changed in the moment when some of them following some inner impulse goes and hugs you. They are so natural, still not limited by social norms and expectations. I learned a lot from them, more they from me I guess. But anyway we had really great time together and there were so many tears on the last day, tears of “saudade” and sorrow that such good time has to end.

Anna from France has volunteered 2 weeks for Summer Camp for Kids project in our neighbourhood. It was a spontaneous idea that we realized together with local NGO with the support of local entrepreneurs and volunteers (locals and foreigners).

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