…is a very typical world in the Portuguese language and is often used in Brazil. There is no exact translation into other languages.

In Portuguese, this word serves to describe the feeling of missing someone (or something) you´re fond of. It also relates to feelings of melancholy and fond memories of gone-by days, lost love and a general feeling of unhappiness.

saudade5Some specialists say that this word has come to life during the Great Portuguese Discoveries, giving meaning to the sadness felt by those who departed in journeys to the unknown seas. Those who stayed behind—mostly women and children—deeply suffered with their absence, and such state has almost become a “portuguese way of life:” the constant feeling of absence, the sadness of something that’s missing. Few other languages in the world have a word with such meaning, making Saudade a indistinguishable mark of the Portuguese culture.

In the latter half of the 20th century Saudade has become associated with the feeling of longing for one’s homeland, as hundreds of thousands of Portuguese left in search of better futures in North America and Northern Europe.

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