Brazil-Germany 1:7. We don’t want to miss this sensation to tell you, how we – as a German-originated project operating in Brazil – feel about it. I wouldn’t lie, if I said, that each and every member of our current GoBrazil-community was supporting Brazil in this match – even our German students. And when the Germans scored the first goal – to my surprise – I didn’t hear any single triumphant call.

Interestingly, on the other hand, many of our Brazilian friends really wanted the “seleção” (the Brazilian national team) to be defeated in the current world cup. Their main reason was, that football in Brazil has the effect of “opium for the people”. They were convinced that this fiasco would be better for the country, because the Brazilians would have to remember their countries problems outside of the stadiums.

Maceió, where GoBrazil is located, was no venue of the world cup. In the beginning many people here found it a pity, because they were hoping for an improvement of the infrastructure and transport system and for a restoration of roads, that is usually done in the cities where games take place. However, as we could see, in the end most of the money went to the construction work of the stadiums. Buildings of which some of them will not even be used afterwards. They will turn into huge memorials of this historical disgrace of the Brazilian team and government. Brazil missed the chance to make improvements in the social system with the money that the world cup brought.


If Brazil had become the world cup champion, everything would have been forgotten – protests, manifestations, problems and unfulfilled dreams.  Everybody, that has ever come to GoBrazil would confirm, that the “alegria” (joy) of the Brazilian people is infectious. They forgive easily and bear no malice. ”É melhor ser alegre que ser triste” (engl. “It is better to be happy than sad”) says one of the famous Brazilian songs. However, now the tropical land is covered with sadness. The time will show if the results of the game will influence the political picture in the country. The election of the president will take place in October. In the meantime we all sincerely hope for the best for our beloved country and are looking forward for the world cup final where Germany will meet Argentina!

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