The way he looks

If you learn Portuguese, you can not undervalue watching Brazilian films in original. There are plenty good Brazilian films. Recently one more of them was released and will be sent to fight for Oscar 2015 as the “best foreign-language movie”.
Brazil is one of the most tolerant countries, and many others can learn from it to accept that other people might be a bit different – have some disabilities or have different sexual orientation. These social topics are the focus of this new Brazilian film “The way he looks” (Hoje eu não quero voltar sozinho) where the blind teenager Leonardo discovers his homosexuallity and searches for independence.
The film is very simple but appealing. The topic of phisical disability is very popular nowadays and often is viewed from very dramatic perspective. Here you will rather perceive Leonardo as an average teenager, who is going through the difficulties of any teenager´s life – the desire to become independent from parents, the conflicts with classmates and of course the first love. The film leaves the positive and cute aftertaste. It is also very useful for Portuguese language learning purposes – the conversations between the teenagers are easy to follow and contain many every-day frases. So don´t miss the chance and watch the film in Portuguese!

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