Jeitinho Brasileiro

Jeitinho Brasileiro (engl. Brazilian sly way) – this expression is often used by Brazilians to describe the way how do they solve problems. Often related to finding the solution, though something is prohibited, considered not possible or expensive.
This way is characterized by high level of creativity and improvisation. It is believed that every Brazilian is born with this talent.
How does it work. Brazilian doesn’t stress out by the problem – he goes to relax on the beach or he is continuing relaxing on the beach. If the problem still exists he does the brainstorming with friends, relatives, people on the street, people relaxing near him on the beach, etc. Brazilians like to talk and give advice, you can get much more from talking to the people then reading the instructions, searching the internet, or asking officials. During this brainstorming it is almost impossible not to find some kind of idea or inspiration how to give it a way and find a solution. Often the way is a bit curved but leads to the extraordinary and special solution. If you are working, studying, doing internship or volunteering in Brazil the life will put you in the situations when you will need to learn “jeitinho Brasileiro”. So don’t stress out, just relax and go to the beach, talk to people. If you don’t solve the problem, at least you will practice your Portuguese.

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