Primavera Alagoana 4

The small house at Garça Torta will become a home of the photo exposition “Alagoas Spring”.
56 photos were selected from more than 200 photos, professional and amateurs, and will be exposed at Casa da Arte for the next two months. Not only photos from Brazil, but also from various places of our planet – from Africa till Siberia, have found their place on the walls of this small house.
Primavera Alagoana 2

The spring translated through the view of each artist: moments of peace, moments of happiness, moments of love, sunsets, flowers of all possible colours which could be found in Brazil, animals, and nature in general. Which is not a surprise – the spring is associated with the renovation of the nature. Also here on the Northeast of Brazil where the difference between the seasons is so minimal that often can not be perceived. The spring is the time of love, of new expectations and new initiatives.
Primavera algoana 2

The installation made by the artist Tito Mendez accompanies the exposition. He completed the exposition space with roses made of metal and crystal. It seems that some photos not hang on the walls but grow from the floor blossoming like spring flowers.

Primavera Alagoana 1

The exposition is organised by volunteers, also some volunteers from GoBrazil helped to organise this great cultural event significant not only for Garça Torta but for the whole Maceió and Alagoas.

For our friends who are not in Brazil and can not visit the exposition this video here gives the feeling of personal presence at Casa da Arte at the opening night:
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