The horse is very important animal in Brazil. They still work a lot and don´t let the cars to substitute their jobs. Some of them even can not be substituted. Like the place where horses work as therapists – Hippotherapy.
This month we visited couple of those places with our volunteers and were amazed by the importance and effect of the work those horses are doing.
This portuguese quote of the month from Jorge Amado is dedicated to those beautiful creatures:

“-Voce sabe qual é a melhor coisa do mundo?
-Qual é, minha tia?
-Nao sabe o que é? E cavalo. Se não fosse cavalo, branco montava em negro…”

“-Do you know what is the best thing in the world?
-What is it, aunty?
-No, do you know what is it? It´s a horse. If there were no horse, the white would ride the black…”

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