Volunteer in Brazil

Today our partner Instituto EcoEngenho is celebrating its 15th birthday. 15 years of doing great project in the rural areas of Alagoas, discovering and teaching new sustainable methods of agriculture, bringing new ecological products to the consumers in spite of the unfavorable political and financial situation.
It is a great honor for us to be involved in the projects of EcoEngenho, realizing the mission of making at least some part of the world better.
Our volunteers were always received very well by EcoEngenho team, learning a lot about agriculture, renewable energies and sustainability.
We hope that the work of EcoEgenho continues with even bigger success and more and more companies in Brazil follow its vision of socioeconomic development.
Our greetings to EcoEngenho in Portuguese:
Parabéns EcoEngenho! Muitos anos de vida! (engl. Congratulations EcoEngenho! Many years of life!)

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