Dia da Independência (engl. Independence Day of Brazil) is celebrated today in Brazil. The Independence of Brazil from Portugal was firstly proclaimed 7th of September 1822. It was the culmination point of the independence sentiments which has started years before.
The war against Napoleon in Europe has provided a favorable environment for the independence path of Brazil as well as other Latin American countries. In case of Brazil, the Napoleon´s invasion has forced the king of Portugal João VI together with his court to move to Brazil in 1807 establishing the temporal capital of Portugal in Rio de Janeiro. For 14 years the Portugal and Brazil switched the roles: Portugal became a province of Brazil and Brazil enjoyed a status of independent state. After Napoleon´s defeat the king of Portugal moved back, but newly formed Brazilian elite didn’t want to go back to the status of colony. João VI left hist son Pedro as a Brazilian regent. Pedro came to Brazil as a child and this country became his motherland more than Portugal. It was not a surprise that he was sympathizing to the independence movement and on the 7th of Sempteber 1822 he proclaimed the independence of Brazil from Portugal and said his legendary words “Independência ou morte!” (engl. Independence or death). These words became a title for the famous piece of art of Pedro Américo who registered the moment of independence proclamation on his painting.

Independence day of brazil

“Independência ou morte” – Pedro Américo, 1888

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